black stoneware
black stoneware bottle form

Luke makes contemporary stoneware and porcelain vessels using a variety of traditional methods, including the potter’s wheel – his work often plays with and questions our typically held assumptions of what makes an object functional. His work is a study in contrasts combining contemporary, refined silhouettes with uneven, organic edges and textures. PORUS – his recent work in black clay – is an exploration in the slight subversion of function: objects with curiously shaped and placed handles and spouts invoke the possibility of function and usage whilst defying utility. Rough, volcanic bottle forms suggest modernity yet infer a mysterious archaeological past. Visible tool marks, surface chattering, fissures, the clay body’s pyroplasticity and imperfections all speak of these objects’ journey through the making process; the PORUS objects are high-fired to 1260C and unglazed allowing the full detail of the clay body to be revealed and contemplated.


Luke’s ceramic practice is informed by a background in graphic design, Information Architecture, interface design, and an innate interest in functionality and human behaviour. An urban ceramicist living and working in Central London, his influences are wide-raging: the quirky utilitarian and sculptural pots of Ben Fiess, the quiet canvases of Giorgio Morandi, the mysterious graphic design of 23 Envelope, and the honest ringware ceramics by Bauer from the early 20th century.

Luke’s ceramics are available in selected galleries across the UK. Please contact him directly for custom orders and commissions.

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C V / Education

2013 – H.E. Diploma in Fine and Applied Arts in Ceramics (Pass with Distinction); CityLit / London Metropolitan University, UK

2011 – City and Guilds School of Art 7111 Certificate in Ceramics (Pass with Distinction); London, UK

1999 – Master of Arts; Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology; The University of New Mexico – Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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